Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Alfred Naujocks -

I have removed this article for the time being as it now appears in my latest E-book "The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany" - apologies for the inconvenience...

You can find "The Wolf's Lair" here: "The Wolf's Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany"


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Brendan said...

There is little a humanitarian can gather from the narrative of Alfred
Naujocks. Clever, unscrupulous and
self-disciplined the "men for men"
cannot forgive him these traits. Of
course, these same foibles, when applied in "approved" contexts are valued. The humanitarian worships the clever when the aim is against
history and power. They also enjoy
kicking corpses. Alfred's story is
invigorating, even if half-true. That is the beauty of myth and your weakness: better to create a
legend with what is both true and
doubtful. Naujocks was a strong man in an even stronger time. And
if turds rise to the top most men
today float.